Norfolk Natural Living - Wool and Silk Detergent - Lavender - 500 ml

$ 16.50

Our woolens are always kept close at hand on our Sunday coastal walks, thanks to the wonderfully changeable British weather.  

Our botanical formulation is gentle enough to freshen those special pieces without compromising their fibres.

Gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins, our formulation combines modern plant-based technology with naturally derived active ingredients.

Free from chlorine and bleach, it’s suitable for the whole family: from my favourite silk shirt, to my babies’ cashmere gloves.

Maintaining the shape and texture of your precious garments, whilst also preserving the countryside.


Aqua - water. Some people get it from a tap. Some people get it from a river. We get it from a recycled drum that gets refilled with purified, distilled water when needed.

Alkylpolyglukoside - long word. There are only two people here who can pronounce it with confidence. It is something called a surfactant, which means it clings onto the dirt and grime in your garments from everyday wear and whisks it all away. We get it from the sugars of plants.

Anionic Surfactant - very similar to the long word above but slightly easier to pronounce. Again, it comes from plants.

Amphoteric Surfactant - we get this from vegetables. It is a magic ingredient that makes a little bit of Clothing Wash go a long way.

Citric Acid Monohydrate - squeezed lemons. But it sounds better if we call it Citric Acid Monohydrate. I'm sure you agree.