Happy French Gang - Cream Jumpsuit

$ 195.00

Available for PRE-ORDER! Items are made to order. Expected ship date is 2-3 weeks from time order is placed.

Made from homespun, handwoven 100% cotton, natural dyes only. Beachy, fresh, modern and sooo comfortable. We stick with our values focusing on color and texture with a sustainable product. 



S/M: Measures 42" around waist,  measures 41" in length from underarm to hem.

M/L: Measures 46" around waist,  measures 43.5" in length from underarm to hem.


STORY: When Sandra Dejanovic was a kid her mum made some jumpsuits for her. She remembers that they were SO comfy and that she was feeling cool and confident when she wore them. She found that super soft and heavy linen and decided to make one just to feel how it is again... Not disappointed at all, she felt all the powers, plus she got extra compliments for the cool shape and color! 


CARE: It might bleed a bit for the first few washes. You can use a washing machine or wash by hand if you want to take more care of your jumper!